Line Oriented Flight Education

In just 3 years, you are in a position to comprehensive 3 hugely-regarded aviation qualifications – Industrial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating and Bachelor of Aviation. You may well want to make contact with the university directly to get a clear idea of the added costs. If you are hunting for a scholarship to fund your training, see theHonourable Organization of Air Pilots Flying Scholarship Programme. Our programs will take you from small or no flying knowledge to possessing all the licenses and ratings you have to have to work as an officer. Our programs will take you from … Read more

Perseus Fighting Medusa Perseus And Medusa, Greek Gods And Goddesses, Greek And Roman Mythology

Meanwhile, the god Hermes gave Perseus the harpe, a specific sickle produced of adamant (an imaginary stone stated to be of impenetrable hardness – not unlike diamond). Nevertheless, this is a substantially-condensed version of a somewhat longer tale, and the above summary leaves out some of the most magical and fascinating – not to mention most human – elements of the story of Perseus and Medusa. “When he [Midas of the golden-touch] washed his hands in liquid streams, the lustrous drops upon his hands may possibly have been these which once astonished Danae.” The figure of Medusa helps May perhaps … Read more